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Get out of your roommate rut

in minutes a day.

Presented by: Carolyn Sharp, Relationship Expert, Connection Queen

Join Carolyn for the QUICK and EASY ways to Reignite Your Marriage.

Learn fool proof ways to bring your relationship back to life in just

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You'll Learn


get out of the

roommate rut

The things you are doing to kill your mojo for each other.

The mistakes you are making EVERY. SINGLE. DAY and the better, easier actions to bring your connection back.

Get your relationship off the back burner and bring it to life without sacrificing anything else!


Relight the damn flame

Stop wasting time on things that DO NOT HELP and master moves that bring the passion back.

The quick and simple things to do TODAY to bring some spark to your relationship.

THE three moves that make magic together in 5 minutes a day!


keep those relationship fires burning!

The power habits that will make your relationship happier EVERY day quickly and easily.

Supercharge your connection whether alone or surrounded by chaos.

Get back to the honeymoon phase and stay there two, five and twenty years from now!

Carolyn Sharp

Relationship Resuscitator Clini-Coach®

About Your Speaker

I am Carolyn, the Relationship Resuscitator Clini-Coach® and working married mom who knows exactly what it takes to keep a relationship thriving long after the “I dos.”

As a therapist and coach for the last 25 years, I have helped couples like you ditch the boring and Fire Up your relationship back to a place of passion and connection. If this sounds good, let’s light it up!

I will help you blaze a new path together, using your love and commitment as the foundation for the joy and connection missing.

We will find the buried interests, desires, and hidden dreams to ignite the process for a future filled with more of EVERYTHING that has taken a back burner all these years.

I know you want more for your relationship and are ready to work together to achieve your dreams!

It’s time to reconnect to the parts of yourselves you abandoned in pursuit of other things and make your love story front and center.

Disclaimer - The videos you have watched are entirely free and will give you actionable steps to rekindle your marriage.

Results are not guaranteed or typical. In fact, a lot of hard work is involved.

At the end of the presentation, a program will be offered for purchase.

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