How much do you wish the two of you worked more the same?

Wish you didn't react so quickly to things you each say?

Struggling to stay engaged and present when Netflix feels so much easier?

Did you know that these are all driven by the ways your brains work?

Beyond your thoughts and feelings, the biology of your brain significantly impacts your relationship for good and for trouble. Learning the key parts of your neurobiology that influence how your relationship functions is a powerful tool for connection and health.

Let me support you learning all the reasons your brain makes it difficult to connect, resolve conflict and bring more calm, ease and joy to your relationship.

Let me teach you the ways to use this very same information to strengthen your relationship!

Join the "Brain Hacks for your Relationship” Webinar

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I will walk you all the neuroscience you need to have the healthiest relationship possible

January 17th, Live on Zoom

3:30-4:30 PST

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What you will get:

*Deepening understanding of your brains and why they work the way they do to support you in working with rather than against these normal aspects of your relationship!

*Learn the parts of your brain and their roles in your relationship to help you connect and resolve conflict in a deepening rather than distancing way!

*Learn the parts of our brain that are in action to explain many of the behaviors that you struggle with in your relationship and how to work around them!

*Learn the easy, quick hacks to use the differences between you for greater connection and collaboration.

*Get the easy tools needed to

+reduce the intensity, duration and frequency of your conflicts

+deepen your connection more quickly and easily

+communicate and collaborate better and more powerfully.

This 60 minute workshop will teach you the information needed to create the simplest hacks to getting around the pesky differences and how to use them to your advantage.

I am Carolyn Sharp, and I have been helping build healthier

and more thriving relationships since 1997.

I am a social worker, therapist, coach, and teacher.

I have been leadingworkshops and retreats since 2000.

I have helped hundreds of couples revive their tired relationships and

create the marriages of their dreams.

I am a married mom of 4, running two businesses supporting all people

have healthier relationships to themselves and others.

I am silly, funny, direct and real and I am passionate about creating the easiest and most fun ways to create healthier relationships. I am allergic to boring and to wasting people's time.

Join me at this workshop or for more personal coaching at the link when you sign up!